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Zinc metal alloy Toggle Clasps Bottle Antique Silver 20mm x12mm( 6/8" x 4/8") 18mm x9mm( 6/8" x 3/8"), 600 Sets... more ››
Chunk Snap Jewelry Button Round Mixed Aluminum Tone Fit Chunk Bracelets With Rhinestone Multicolor Rhinestone 20.0mm( 6/8") Dia, Knob Size: 5.5mm( 2/8")... more ››
Chunk Snap Jewelry Bangles Antique Silver Magnetic Clasp Flower Pattern 19.5cm(7 5/8") long, Snap Charm Hole Size: 6.0mm( 2/8")... more ››
Copper + Glass Charm Pendants Flower Silver Tone Leaf Pattern Faceted 27.0mm(1 1/8") x 15.0mm( 5/8")... more ››
Resin European Style Charm Beads Round At Random Silver Tone Circle Pattern About 14.0mm( 4/8") x 9.0mm( 3/8"), Hole: Approx 5.1mm... more ››
Wood Spacer Beads Cube Natural Alphabet/ Letter "S" Pattern 10mm x 10mm( 3/8" x 3/8"),Hole:Approx:4mm,300PCs... more ››
Wood Spacer Beads Rabbit Mixed Rabbit Pattern About 20.0mm( 6/8") x 20.0mm( 6/8"), Hole: Approx 2.0mm, 1000 PCs... more ››
Glass Dome Seals Cabochons Embellishments Findings Round Flatback Black & White Anchor "Voyager" Sail Boat Pattern 20.0mm Dia... more ››
Glass Loose Beads Round Purple About 10.0mm( 3/8") Dia, Hole: Approx 1.7mm, 75.7cm(29 6/8") long, 10 Strands (Approx 82 PCs/Strand) ... more ››
Acrylic Spacer Beads Ball Mixed Faceted About 20.0mm( 6/8") Dia, Hole: Approx 2.5mm, 400 PCs ... more ››
Charm Pendants Leaf Antique Bronze (Can Hold ss5 Rhinestone) Hollow Pattern Inlaid diamonds 59.0mm(2 3/8") x 38.0mm(1 4/8")... more ››
Crystal Glass Loose Beads Round Amber Faceted About 6.0mm( 2/8") Dia, Hole: Approx 1.0mm, 28.5cm(11 2/8") long, 10 Strands (Approx 50 PCs/Strand)... more ››
Charm Pendants Key Gold Plated Heart Pattern Clear Rhinestone 4.5cm(1 6/8") x 1.9cm( 6/8")... more ››
Copper + Rubber Earring Components Flower Silver Plated Flower Pattern Color Plated 15.0mm( 5/8") x 14.0mm( 4/8")... more ››
Resin Sew On Rhinestone Round Flatback Champagne Faceted 16.0mm... more ››
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