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Interested in advertising on Send an e-mail through our contact form to get started. is a very popular coupon shopping site. We get 1,000s of visitors every month. We strive to make every advertiser a long term partner. We want to make you happy! has advertising space for every budget. We don’t just market your web site, we get you sales! Don’t spend your money with social media, paid search, and/or e-mail marketing partner with Customers shopping are ready to buy, get your message out in front of our customers.

24 hour or less turnaround on advertising orders. Advertising will be added to in 24 hours or less. Usually advertising is approved and posted in less than 1 hour. We want to make you happy! Make us an offer! gets 1000s of visitors every month. according to web site traffic statistics is ranked at 166,810 US. has a Google Page Rank of 3. The visitors are a mix of US and a few UK citizens. in December, January, February, July, August, and October 2003 aired multiple 30 second commercial spots on KIRO TV in Western Washington. Also, aired 30 seconds spots in October, November, and December 2004 as well. has advertised on radio stations throughout the country. also has a popular YouTube channel.

Right now we are offering 3 spots on the main page. For a 468X60 banner on the top of the 9malls home page the cost is $99.99 for 30 days. For a 125X125 banner under the newsletter on the side on the 9malls home page it’s $9.99 a month. For a text link located under the 9malls logo at the top of the home page it’s $24.99 for 30 days. For a text link located off the home page the cost is $99.99 for 1 year. We also offer web video sponsorship for $199.99 per video. Banner Ad Rates:

1) 468X60 on the top of 9malls cost is $99.99 for 30 days or purchase on CPM basis

2) 125X125 banner on the right side of the 9malls home page cost is $9.99 for 30 days. Text Ad Rates:

3) Text link located on the top right of the 9malls home page under the 125×125 banners cost is $24.99 for 30 days. Link placed in “Sponsors” section.

4) Text link located off the 9malls home page cost is $99.99 for 1 year (See below for details).

More: owns another site called DrasticDeals is a coupon code search engine. Advertisers can spinsor every single search result for only $99/month. There are limited spots available. If interested sign up here:

Get listed off the home page in apparel, books, clearance, computers, electronics, jewelry, movies, music, office, sports, toys, travel, video games, and wireless categories. Cost is $149.99 for 1 year. Text link located under the 9malls logo and 468×60 banner at the top of the home page. There is only 1 link available per page.

Important: Once payment has been made send me the text link and/or graphic to 9malls Advertising Manager at with the URL you want to send traffic to. Advertisements on the home page are divided on a first come, first serve basis. Above is what’s available right now. Alternatively you can submit your questions here using the contact form. Most of the time ads are set up in less than 24 hours. 

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IMPORTANT: will not advertise for any adult, gambling, or prescription drug site.

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