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9malls.com online shopping mall is dedicated to providing its visitors with coupons, coupon codes, special offers, promo codes, discounts, grocery coupons, and shopping information that will save users money and enhance their on-line shopping experience. We believe in saving our customers money and providing them with the best shopping information. We strive to make 9malls.com the most informative coupon shopping site on the Internet.

To further info our customers 9malls.com runs a YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/9malls. Customers can watch product reviews on As Seen On TV products, kitchen gadgets, and much more. Most of the products reviewed by 9malls were purchased by us, some were sent to us for free from the actual companies. If that is the case this fact will be mentioned in the video test. We test each product or site thoroughly and give high marks to only the best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

9malls is also a full service advertising agency to select clients. We offer advertising services that drive sales and get results. Please contact us for more details. 

Not every link on 9malls.com is an affiliate link and this is by design. If we can find you better information we will list it on 9malls.com. We don’t care who gets credit for the information as long as the best information is past on to the 9malls.com visitor. Information is the keyword; 9malls provides general info, reviews, and coupons. Anything that adds value to a user’s online shopping experience is what 9malls strives to deliver.

9malls.com also lists and advertises for well known independent, local companies, not just national chains. Look for some Windows Applications in the near future. 2008-Present we’ve been working on a coupon code search engine called DrasticDeals.com. We just launched DrasticDeals.com sponsored search advertising. You can sponsor every search on Drastic Deals for one low monthly fee. 9malls.com also started a blog in 2008-Present called CashSherpa.com it’s about Gadgets, Technology, and Marketing. One new site we just developed is a top 10 web hosting review site called WebHostingReviewPlanet.com. Check out Web Hosting Review Planet if you are in the market for web hosting. We will have more projects coming out soon so be sure to check back here at 9malls.com.

GetPaid4Surf.com was the first web site created by the Daniel Young LLC. This site was established to provide users with a complete directory listing companies that pay users in some form for their time online. Most programs pay users when they download and browse the Internet with an ad-bar on their screen. Although “paid to surf” programs reached their peak during the Internet boom and eventually collapsed with the fall of AllAdvantage.com some have weathered the storm. There is still great interest of these “paid to surf” programs by users all over the world. Although the business models for these companies continue to evolve the basic premise remain the same. The Internet user gets paid for some interaction with ads. This form of advertising will remain and continue to grow in popularity.

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Best way to contact us is to send us a message on our FB page https://www.facebook.com/9malls/ or use form above.

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