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This is a very informal blog giving current deals and information on saving money on the web.  The design of the page is intentionally very simple.  I'd like to concentrate more on giving good information than flashy graphics and good aesthetically pleasing design.  This page can be accessed through the 9malls.com homepage or directly by going to
BlogShoppers.com.  I didn't want to crowd up the main web site with random information so I decided to create a web post to give you current up to date information on what kind of deals are available on the web.  The posts will first be featured on the 9malls.com home page then move to the BlogShoppers.com page. Hope you enjoy!
Added 04-26-05:
Compare prices from hundreds of stores at price comparison sites such as Froogle.com, Yahoo! Shopping, mySimon, CNET Shopper, Nextag.com, PriceWatch, Best Web Buys, StreetPrices, and lots more.  To see a complete list click here.

Added 04-27-05:
Amazon.com is one on the world's largest Internet retailers and yesterday it reported earnings below expectations.  One factor leading to the less the stellar earnings growth is increase in competition from companies like Overstock.com.  What does this mean to you?  Well increase competition might lead to lower prices which of course 9malls.com will post.
Read article

Added 05-01-05:
Planning to travel this summer?  Compare all travel sites from one search engine with
Kayak.com.  Check it out, I just used it to book a trip... CHEAP.  The search engine compares main airline companies like Alaska Airlines for example.  It seems that going to the airline companies web site directly more often than not saves you more money than going to a so called discount travel site like PriceLine.com.  The discount travel sites act as middle men so going directly to the company itself eliminates their commissions saving you money.

I can't believe I haven't posted this yet, but even better than all auction sites is
Craigslist.org.  Here it's free to sell and free to use.  There is no sign up which makes the buying and selling process very convenient.  Lets just hope this service remains free and businesses stay away from using Craigslist.  The best part about Craigslist.org is that it is like a garage sale where individual not businesses' unlike other auction sites just want to give away their stuff. Other auction sites everyone is trying to make a huge profit jacking up the price. 

Added 05-05-05
Happy Cinco De Mayo! Mothers Day is this Sunday so I hope you have picked out something for your mom.  If you need ideas I found a article giving some great gift suggestions
click here to read.

Added 05-12-05
This post has little to do with shopping and more to do with fun.  With summer coming up I said, hey why not post some random sites. Google and
DodgeBall?  Yes, you heard it right Google buys DodgeBall.com today.  Google and satellite imaging.  Click here to see a satellite image of your house for free.  Finally, this site reads your mind, really it works click here. Enjoy, take a break from shopping.

Added 05-19-05
Can you believe Walmart.com gave up it's online DVD rental service to NetFlix.com?  Walmart gave all its customers to NetFlix.
Read all about it.  

Added 05-24-05
Can you believe it?! Google stock closed today at 256 almost 50x earnings.  Everyone says it's a buy, but I'd be careful if they miss earnings by just a little the stock will plumit.  It's a risk, but there might be a reward in it.

Added 05-27-05

Have a great and safe memorial day weekend. Here in Seattle where 9malls.com is based the sun is out and shining.  I plan on taking a little break from work and go out and enjoy the rare 80 degree weather.  If you're trying to see the Star Wars movie this weekend I'd recommend booking tickets in advance with

Added 06-02-05
eBay buys Shopping.com,

Added 06-17-05
I just got back from an industry convention called the Affiliate Summit 2005 in Las Vegas. This was my first one and had an awesome time. I learned a lot about the current state of Internet commerce and met a lot of great people.  If you're ever in Las Vegas I'd recommend the Ghost Bar at the Palms hotel for nighttime entertainment.

Added 06-23-05
I love quirky sites out there on the Internet that don't really care whether or not they make a profit.  Woot.com is one of these sites.  Woot.com specializes in closeouts deals which really isn't a new concept on the Internet, but what sets them apart is they only offer one deal a day.
Click here to check Woot.com out.  Today they were selling a Sonic Blue Home Theater System for $139.99, it sold out.

Added 07-18-05
It's finally starting to warm up here in Seattle after what seems like weeks of rainy cloudy days in July! The warm weather has got me thinking of what's important to people during the summer.  Two things that I've been doing a lot of is looking for overpriced real estate and travel. Seattle was just rated the #1 in US real estate prices based on  resident incomes,
read here. Some sites that have helped me save include

Added 07-23-05
I have no idea whether there is a widespread housing bubble here in the United States, but I was given an article giving clues that might lead one to this opinion,
read the article here.

Added 08-15-05
There's a huge coin auction going on at
Overstock.com.  The lot is valued at $15,000.00 and the current bid is only $2,733.47.

Added 08-15-05

I've been talking about real estate lately not only because I'm searching for a home, but because I think it has been on everyone's mind for the past few years. It's seems real estate is now America's new investment of choice. I've bid on several homes here in the Seattle area and have lost all of them with another buyer bidding on the same day even though many had been on the market for a month or more. It seems that minute you show interest there are a multitude of buyers that will come out of the woodwork just to outbid you. I keep hearing Realtors claiming that house prices will not drop like stocks, but rather stay "flat" not appreciating as fast as in the past, but what does staying "flat" really mean? I've checked the county's web site on all homes I've bid on looking at 2005 and 2006 assessed values. The market price or the price set by the Realtors has been averaging about 20 - 25% over the counties assessed value for the homes I've bid on. So my question is if house prices drop to the counties assessed values can Realtors still claim that the market is staying flat even though the price has dropped 20 - 25%?  It will be interesting to see how rising interest rates affect the future of the housing market. If your a seller or a real estate agent good for your, but as a buyer the whole process has been very frustrating. It's a sellers market!

Added 08-18-05
I'm sure everyone has heard about the worm effecting computers running Windows 2000, but just wanted to make sure you all know about it. It has hit CNN, ABC, and New York Times.
Read article here.

Added 08-30-05
Give to the
American Red Cross. Also, get current info of Hurricane Katrina at Google News.

Added 09-13-05
eBay has bought Skype a Internet telephone and IM product for between $2.6 - 4.1 billion. Read more about it
here. Skype has been downloaded to 54 million desktops so eBay instantly gets access to these people. Also, in the future this might allow eBay traders to communicate with each other through the auction interface enhancing community.

Added 10-05-05
here for About.com's family and parenting guide to Halloween. About.com lists the top 10 Halloween sites for families.

Added 11-07-05
Google launches local for mobile. Read about it

Added 12-12-05
Time Magazine 50 coolest web sites of 2005,
click here.

Added 12-20-05
I discovered a cool web site after visiting a link from WOOT.com called StarSurplus.com. I found some deals.

Added 01-25-06
Yeah, I know Xbox 360 has been out since around Christmas time, but have you read the review of Xbox 360 yet? If not check out CNET editors' comprehensive review of Xbox 360. The CNET's editor gave it a 8.4/10 and users gave it 7.5/10.
Click here to read the review.

Added 02-10-06
Want to find out the value of your home? Check out a brand new site called
Zillow.com developed by the former head of Expedia. The goal of Zillow is to  revolutionize real estate the same as Expedia revolutionized travel. Zillow as well as Expedia cuts out middlemen (agents) reducing costs.

Added 03-24-06
A couple big things are going on in the technology world.
Google is in the process of being added to the S&P 500 and Microsoft is delaying their release of Vista operating system until January 2007. This could result in a slowing of computer sales around the holiday season. Everyone will want to wait to buy their new systems until they can get their hands on the new Microsoft operating system.

Added 05-25-06
I just read an article in Business 2.0. It seems like a revolutionary idea. It was developed by Peter Corsell of GridPoint. It is designed to "arbitrage the electric grid" relying off battery power at peek times than recharging at night when costs are lower. Read June issue of Business 2.0 or at

Added 06-09-06
Please read about this important issue. Net neutrality will safeguard equal opportunity on the Internet. What would this mean to you if net neutrality no longer existed? Telecom and cable operators could charge companies like Google or Amazon extra cost to deliver online content or applications. Sites that would pay telecoms or cable companies the most money are the only sites you would have access to.
Read about Net Neutrality and save the Internet.

Added 06-10-06
Who killed the electric car? Why aren't we driving these cars yet?
Read about it here on PBS.

Added 06-12-06
I heard this from one of my affiliate managers. Apparently Amazon is in a dispute with Disney over back-end funding and to punish them has raised their entire catalog to full retail. So if you're in the market for Disney products don't shop Amazon. This e-mail was sent April 14th 2006. Don't know if still current.

Added 06-13-06
Before you could buy GOOG stock at 386.525  there wasn't nearly as much converage about Google. Google was everyone's favorite low profile search engine. People felt then what they feel about Craigslist today. A pet peive of mine is when journalists write about Google I'd say about 30% of the time they play off Google's slogan "Don't Be Evil." My prediction Google will change this slogan in 2006. "Google" the slogan it returns 79,800,000 results!

Added 06-14-06
Looking for a home? Try these top real estate search engines.
Move.com, MSN Real Estate, MyNewPlace, PropertyShark, Redfin, SpotRunner, StreetEasy, Trulia, and Zillow.com. Zillow is my top pick for a real estate search engine. You can check out your homes value simply by entering your address. Zillow.com also uses Microsoft's "Birds Eye" aerial photography. With "Birds Eye" technology you can get a crystal clear picture of your house.

Added 06-22-06
Want to spend $40,000 yearly on a club membership so that you can spend $100 on a hamburger? If the answer is yes than you need to visit the
Boca Raton Resort and Club right away. Previously their restaurant did not carry a burger on the menu. Burgers were only found outside the club for us common consuming folks. Patrons can now order the new Boca Raton Burger made up of American prime beef, Japanese Kobe and Argentine cattle. Enjoy! Read full article. 

Added 06-26-06
I've only seen this in Vegas, but now apparently McDonalds is catching on this trend in Seattle and select cities around the country. According to Bryan Styble of KIRO Radio McDonalds is hiring people to drive around old British Cabs in Queen Ann plastered with McDonalds logos. The McDonalds cab drivers will even pick you up and take you to McDonalds for free. McDonalds is using some pretty clever Guerilla marketing tactics.

Added 06-27-06

I have a couple new travel search engines I'd like to share with you. One is called
FareCast.com which compares all airline company prices, but also tries to predict the future price of air travel to help you make more informed decisions on when to book your flight. At FarCast.com you will know where and when to buy your ticket. Next there is FareCompare.com next generation travel comparison search engines providing you with tons of data.

Added 07-10-06
According to CBSMarketWatch we are 2 cents below the $3.01 record set on Sept. 9, 05 for a gallon of gas. In light of this fact why aren't we seeing more alternative vehicles to aleviate the rising cost of gasoline? At what price point for gasoline will more aggressive market forces kick in getting these alternative vehicles on the market? What will it take? I'm talking about a non gasoline, plug in only car
read article here. The car can drive about 250 miles on a single three hour charge and drive up to 135 miles per hour and accelerate from zero to 60 in just four seconds. Don't forget about clean diesel cars. "Today's consumer diesels are cleaner, quieter and more powerful than ever before. Because modern clean diesels burn less fuel than gasoline vehicles, they significantly reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide." In the UK there is a hatchback called the Vauxhall Astra on the market that gets close to 60 MPG. Read about the Vauxhall here.

Added 07-12-06

How would you like to go from having only one red paper clip and keep trading items starting from that paperclip all the way up to a house? That's just what Internet blogger Kyle MacDonald did. He started with one red paper clip and traded it for a fish pen, then traded that for a camping stove, then one red generator, next a Budweiser neon sign, someone then surprisingly traded the neon sign for a snowmobile, then that was traded up to a trip to Yahk, then a moving van, recording contract, one year in Phoenix, afternoon with Alice Cooper, KISS snow globe, a movie role, and finally after all that and visiting all those individuals that wanted to trade with Kyle, Kyle made his final exchange trading the movie role for a modest house in Kipling Saskatchewan Canada. If I were Kyle I trade the house for something even better. I don't want to offend any Canadian visitors, but where is and who lives Kipling Saskatchewan Canada anyway? Oh, just looked it has a population of 1140. So much for trading up!

Added 07-19-06
Pronto.com new price comparison search engine launch. Pronto.com not only compares prices on what you're buying in order for you to get the best deal. Pronto.com price comparison search engine also allows you to download their "shopping buddy" onto your desktop. The tool helps you compare prices, saves coupons you wish to access later, and receive price alerts when a prodcut you want drops in price. Pronto was developed by IAC/InteractiveCorp.

Added 07-24-06
It's hot here in Seattle! I was at the beach yesterday. Not sure how accurate the reading was, but I have a watch that takes the temperature. The highest reading I read was around 108 degrees. Now that's hot especially for the North West. The official temperature according the
Seattle Post Intelligencer was 95 degrees. It's hot all over the country right now. In Death Valley CA today's forecasted high is 120 degrees, read here.

Added 07-26-06
This is a very short and interesting article I found on Harvard.edu's web site that outlines what toys one should buy for children 1-3, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Visit the children's shopping guide found through Hardvard.edu's site search feature

Added 08-01-06
Read about the Mosquito ringtone at New York Times or
NewYorkTimes.com. Or listen to the Mosquito hear. I could hear it!

Added 08-04-06
I have not seen this before on a price comparison search engine. ShopWiki.com not only allows you to compare prices, but now it allows you to search in color using a color palette.
Read more. This technology is unique and is patent-pending. It's nice to see a smaller company come out with exclusive technology. I get tired of reading about the big search engines in the headlines. Now make room for Shop Wiki price comparison search engine.  Read about new tech. here. View ShopWiki Silicon Alley Luau celebration video on YouTube.com or read about it here.

Added 08-18-06
Are you a LOST fan? Well if you are the LOST complete first season has been released! Some good sites you can find LOST at a low price are
eBay.com and Amazon.com.

Added 08-21-06
Create your own radio station for free. Simply choose the music you like and
Pandora.com will create a station just for you free based on your music preference.

Added 08-21-06

For a while now large corporations are coming out with controversial Internet only advertising campaigns. View
Burger King's promo here or the Ford Ka's video here. Do not view this video if you're a cat lover! Companies are now even coming out with commercial made for TIVO.

Added 09-01-06
Watch a hilarious spring break ice cream commercial. It involves spring breakers at the beach. It's in Google's top 100 videos.
Click here.

Added 09-05-06
Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter will be missed.
Here is one of his books on Alibris.com for $2.95. If you're ever in Australia visit Irwin's Australia Zoo, in Beerwah, Queensland. Click here for more info.

Added 9-08-06
9malls.com would like to introduce the future to you. It's Philips fabric embedded LED Lumalive technology. Philips has created light emitting t-shirts. I'm not sure how practical these shirts are or who would wear them, but they are awesome! You can put the same technology in couches or anything that's fabric. Businesses will find endless uses for this technology.
View the video on YouTube.com or read article here.

Added 09-13-06
Are you a fan of high caffeinated and/or beverages loaded with vitamin B.? If you're like a lot of computer users you probably do. Visit
EnergyDrinksReviews to see how your favorite energy drink rates. 9malls.com reviews XTZ Energy

Added 09-29-06
ELMO FEVER! Tickle me once shame on you, tickle me twice shame on me. Or something like that... I say this because didn't we all learn from the first Tickle Me Elmo doll? After Christmas the new Elmo's going to be soooo 2006! Your going to start seeing Elmo on VH1's "I love the 000s" If you still want the doll there is a rumor on Slick Deals that you can pre order the doll at any KB Toys stores,
click here for more details. You can also of course go to everyone's site of last resort for hard to find items, I'm of course talking about QVC.com (Just Kidding). No, it's obviously, eBay.com. I heard on CNBC eBay's seeing a jump in visitors/profits because of Elmo. Is there anything Elmo can't do?

Added 10-09-06
Eric Schmidt CEO of Google Inc. buys YouTube in a 1.65 billion dollar stock deal. If I was one of the 3 former PayPal employees who started YouTube in Feb. 05 I'd very, very happy right now. Read article on
BBC News here. Picture of the YouTube's office!

Added 11-16-06
Once again I've said this before if you want to get the lowest price on airfare use
FareCast.com. FareCast.com is a Seattle based company that predicts future prices based on past price history. It's the web's  first airfare prediction site.

Added 11-29-06
Word of the day! "Crufty" as used by a Google employee here. Crufty may take its origins in Cruft Hall at Harvard University.

Added 11-29-06
Cool projects coming out of Google. Check out Google's Ambient Clock. The clock allows you to plan your day just by looking at the back lit clock. The user would input dates and times from Google Calendar online onto this offline clock that sits on your desk. Google clock is kind of like a PDA, but easier to see visually. Check it out at
AmbientClock.com. This is just a prototype. Right now it's just software, download it now.

Added 11-16-06
Circuit City Early Black Friday Specials. One of the deals include a
Compaq Presari Notebook $299.99. Other Circuit City deals include Kodak 5.0 MP Digital Camera & Printer Dock for $99.99.

Added 11-22-06
Preview Black Friday Ads at

Added 11-22-06
$100 XBOX at Amazon

Added 11-29-06
There is a lot of news right now! Here are some highlights.
TIVO is going to show ads!? (Can we say sell out). The "Google White Board Master Plan Diagram" pictures. FYI Google has overtaken Microsoft to take top spot in terms of UK traffic.

Added 12-11-06
Unpacking the PlayStation 3 pictures and vidoe. View article on
Honda's Asimo falls after walking on some steps. See it
here at Hiroiro.com.

Added 12-20-06
Froogle of shipping at

Added 01-08-06
By the end of the year all MIT Classes will be available online for free. Link to the
Yahoo News Story. Link to the MIT.

Added 01-10-07
Steve Jobs showed the world today what everyone was speculating about at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco AKA "Macworld Expo." I'm of course taking about the new Apple iPhone. The new Apple iPhone is sleek and sexy. The iPhone operates by touching keys on the large LCD screen. Jobs at one point in the presention says you can "touch your music." Time will tell if it lives up to the hype. In the meantime final words by me for the Apple  iPhone... It looks super awesome! See the full extra long 2 hour Apple iPhone presentation video at Macworld Expo here.
View Apple iPhone video here.

Added 01-15-07
Visit the
Buy.com "Hot Deals" page. Find the best Buy.com offers.

Added 01-19-07
Microsoft Vista Launch. Read article at

Added 02-05-07
Chegg.com for some extraordinary deals. Today Chegg listed a Toshiba Progressive-Scan DVD Player for only $20 + free shipping. Visit the Chegg.com daily "hatch of the day" page.

Added 02-05-07
On the third annual CNBC Executive Leadership Awards Google won Leader in Innovation, but sadly they were unable to attend. No comment from Google as to why. This is the first time in the events 3 year history that it was televised. 
Read about the CNBC business awards here. Also, CNBC is running an investment competition where one investor will win $1,000,000.

Added 02-22-07
Google Office, better than Microsoft?

Added 02-22-07
Check this
article and  video out. It's bascially building graffiti using lasers instead of spray paint. It's very cool.

Added 02-27-07
Dow fell 546.02, or 4.3 percent, to 12,086.06 before gaining some ground.

Added 03-07-07
Read the 9malls.com negative review at
Bargain Blog. I guess if nothing else I have a nice logo... Seems a little harsh to me. Let me know your thoughts about the review at OzBargainBlog.com.

Added 03-08-07
Do you use Google Calendar? Make you're Google Calendar experience better with
Calgoo.com. One more story about Google, "Google helps terabyte data swaps. Google is developing a program to help academics around the world exchange huge amounts of data." Read about the Google data exchange program here at BBC News.

Added 03-09-07
The Economist ranks the world's most expensive cities
read here.

Added 03-09-07
Is blogging for dollars ethical? This is the question raised in a LA Times article titled, "Blogging for dollars raises questions of online ethics" by Josh Friedman.
Read here. My feeling it's ethical as long as the person blogging for cash lets their reader know they are being paid to post. I suspect this will become a hotter topic in the months to come.

Added 03-10-07
Top 5 technologies of the future. Technology includes partial invisibility cloak, HAL-5 robot suit, folding dishes, MIT’s sketch understanding, and Diamond Touch hardware toolkit.
Read about it here.

Added 03-11-07

SeatSnapper.com is the so called leader in ticket search technology. SeatSnapper.com lists tickets from eBay, as well as ticket brokers. Search the database of over 2,000,000 tickets. Visit

Added 03-13-07
Click here for the the latest worldwide console sales. Stats by VGCharts.com.

Added 03-15-07
It seems in the business  world there is an upgrade to everything.  There is a premium level for any product. From Costco cards, credit cards, seats on an airplane, seats at a sporting event, the list goes on and on. Now in NYC those of us that have a lot of extra money to spend and may be have some deep inner need for social acceptance you can spend $1000.00 on a pizza. Yes, you heard right $1000 for a "premium" pizza. Read about it

Added 03-22-07
42 Design/Tech magazines to read. These are great resources for anyone in business.
Click here.

Added 03-30-07
When I heard about this invention I couldn't believe it. The ad should read. Want to get drunk faster? Now you can with the AWOL Single User Alcohol Without Liquid Vaporizer Machine! Get yours fast NY already plans to outlaw these at bars and nightclubs.
Read here.

Added 03-30-07
When I heard about this invention I couldn't believe it. The ad should read. Want to get drunk faster? Now you can with the AWOL Single User Alcohol Without Liquid Vaporizer Machine! Get yours fast NY already plans to outlaw these at bars and nightclubs. Read

Added 04-18-07
12 secrets your car insurer won't tell you. Learn how to save money on car insurance from this article. Read article

Added 04-19-07
AfterVote.com is a new search engine that compiles search results from Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Added 04-19-07
Want to save money on cable? Watch live TV over the Internet with

Added 05-18-07
TalentSpring.com launched in Seattle today. Like Digg ranks news stories TS ranks resumes.
Click here.

Added 05-22-07
Airline With $10 Tickets Takes Off. Read about
Skybus the cheapest airfare in history.

Added 05-23-07
Are you a LOST Fan? Read the LOST Finale recap “Through the Looking Glass”
here. One thing that was strange about the LOST finale instead of flashbacks like they usually have it seemed there were cuts to the future Jack and Kate. Very strange, now I have to wait until next season. Lets hope it doesn't jump the shark.

Added 05-24-07
Who are the best tourists in the world? No, Americans were not #1. See who it is,
read here.

Added 05-24-07
List of the most promising Wii games coming soon. Read about the great Wii games at

Added 05-25-07
The New York Times
NYT reviews  Pirates of the Caribbean. Yahoo users give it B+

Added 05-25-07
I don't know if I agree with this article, but it's the first article I've seen to go in depth about the pending implosion of Google. The article is titled, "The Final Days of Google: It is going to be an inside job."
Read here. If anything it's an interesting piece of fiction.

Added 05-25-07
"Sony touts tiny, film-thin TV screen that bends." Sony has developed a razor thin full color display that bends. Read the full
Sony article at CNN.com. This is one of those technologies that I always envisioned when thinking of the "future." It makes me wonder what's next!

Added 05-28-07
Some soft drinks like Pepsi Max and Fanta  may damage your DNA due to an additive called sodium benzoate. Read about it

Added 05-28-07

Google in 20 years! See actual screenshot

Added 05-29-07
Coca-Cola Company buy Vitamin Water for  $4.1 billion.
50-Cent makes 400 million.

Added 06-04-07
Netflix prize still up for grabs.

Added 06-10-07
So if you didn't watch the Sopranos final than you didn't miss anything. If you did than you're wondering what was up with the ending. It left you hanging. All I can say is, Sopranos The Movie coming summer 2008. 

Added 06-23-07
Popular celebrity blog Perezhilton.com gets shut down do to copy write infringement. Read about Perez Hilton it

Added 06-23-07
'World of Warcraft' fan site sold for $1 million! Read the World of Warcraft story

Added 06-24-07
YouTube signs deal with 20-year-old's dating show. Read about the new YouTube deal

Added 07-08--07
Call of Duty 4 E3 2007 HD Trailer. See it

Added 07-10-07
6th Generation of Apple  iPods for January 2008. Read

Added 07-11-07
Your Guide to Nintendo's E3 2007 Press Conference.
Read here

Added 07-18-07
Competing with Google Search. Read about Google

Added 09-14-07
Today Yahoo buys BuzzTracker news site. Just on September 5th Yahoo bought the online ad network BlueLithium for 300 million. Looks like Yahoo is getting into the acquisition game.

Added 09-16-07
French iPhone launch Nov. 28th 2007. The price of the iPhone in France will be 300 EUROS. That's about $416.49 USD at the current exchange rate.
iPhone France Picture

Added 09-19-07
Become a millionaire forgo a Starbucks latte a day. Automatic Millionaire by David Bach.
Make your million! Jim Cramer and David Bach have convinced me I need to start investing!

Added 09-20-09
Geico's annoying advertising spending tops among auto insurers In '06 $497 million. Read more about
GEICO ad spend.

Added 09-23-07
Has the US become addicted to the internet? Research shows this is fast becoming the norm.
Read about it here.

Added 09-25-07
Could Halo 3 packaging cause damage to the Halo 3 disk? According to Yimg.com the Halo special limited-edition packaging is scratching Halo 3 disks. If this has happened you can fill out a form and send in scratched limited-edition disks for a free exchange through the end of Dec.
Read here.

Added 09-27-07
Entertainment isn't just about going to the movies anymore, Halo 3 proved that once and for all. People are now staying more and more at home to be entertained. Best Buy recently reported quarter 2 net earnings increased 17 percent, partly do to strong home theater sales. I can vouch for that having
Signature Audio + Video install very low end home theater system at my house. I guess I'm following that trend.

Added 10-02-07
Walmart reduces prices already for holidays. Will it work? Reductions from 10 to 50 percent on select toys.
Read Walmart story

Added 10-02-07
Starbucks to give away free iTunes
downloads to select songs.

Added 10-02-07
Your moment of Zen. C-Diddy 2003 Air Guitar Champion rockin out. See the
Air Guitar Nation star in action AKA "Asian Fiery"

Added 10-10-07
ValueClick a takeover target? Jim Cramer from Mad Money thinks so. The Jim Cramer effect boost VCLK stock.
ValueClick article.

Added 10-15-07
AOL To Cut One-Fifth Of Global Work Force. Read about the
AOL plan.

Added 10-17-07
Silicon valley start-ups awash in dollars, again. Will the boom continue or does this signal another bust? Read about
Silicon Valley.

Added 10-19-07
The next
Black Monday?

Added 10-19-07
Google does it again.
Google reports $1.07 billion profit

Added 10-22-07
Apple's Profits Climb 67%. Thank you iPod and iPhone!

Added 10-24-07
$0.00 stock trades. Site is called

Added 10-29-07
Mr. Softie  is back! Microsoft reported net profit of $4.29 billion, a 23 percent rise compared with a year earlier. Good job Microsoft your stock has been stagnant for year.

Added 10-31-07
Review of

Added 11-03-07
Want to buy a
Google PC? Everex delivers $198 Google-friendly PC.

Added 11-16-07
What will you be doing this fast approaching Back Friday 23rd? I for one will be in my bed sleeping. Pssss! Here's a secret all the great sales are AFTER Christmas. It's true. If you do plan on shopping Back Friday you will want to visit
BFADS.net. Have fun shopping this Black Friday!

Added 11-19-07
Amazon's Kindle: The iPod of eBooks? Amazon.com's ebook reader has been released.
Buy the Kindle for $399.

Added 11-21-07
Retail sales slow this holiday season? November consumer sentiment index for was revised to 76.1 from 75. Consumer sentiment is bad, but
retail is worse.

Added 11-23-07
Black Friday News. "
Bargains Draw Crowds, but the Thrill Is Gone." New York Times.

Added 11-24-07
Black Friday sales up. 4%
rise in spending.

Added 11-26-07
This news story comes out every year. "
Twelve Days of Christmas' gets costly." Costs for the 12 days is up 4%.

Added 11-27-07

Do we have any privacy anymore? Well thanks to a judge who ruled that customers have a right to keep their reading habits from the government we still have just a little bit. Read, "
Feds Withdraws Subpoena Seeking Amazon Customers Records."

Added 12-10-07

Another stupid marketing campaign. Check it out at the
Whopper Freak Out.

Added 12-12-07
See the top 15 Google Street View sightings. Just a couple hours ago I was reading that the new
Google's Street View expansion is bringing privacy concerns. Google Street View is moving into another eight US cities.

Added 12-13-07
Will steroid report effect fans? The
Mitchell Report names names, but experts say it will have no effect on MLB sales.

Added 12-13-07
Capital One Card Lab. Build your own credit card offer.

Added 12-14-07
Every kid in the world is wishing it was Christmas already. If you're not quite prepared visit
ChristmasWishList.net to help organize your Christmas list. Best of all it's free. My Christmas Wish List lets you share your list with a designated group or groups of family members and friends.

Added 12-15-07
Some great sites:

Added 12-18-08
Scottrade launches new mutual funds center with easy research tools.

Added 12-19-07
Best site I've seen in a while.
Summize.com lets you discover reviews and blogs on millions of products all at one site.

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